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Australia’s Growing Interest in Cryptocurrency

Ken Russell • Jan 12, 2024 • 5 minutes read

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Australia's growing interest in crypto

The year 2023 has witnessed a notable surge in investor interest, propelled by the global appeal of cryptocurrency. The increasing acceptance of digital currencies and their potential for generating returns has drawn investors from around the world.

The current fascination among Australians with cryptocurrency prompts a question: Is it due to the simplified accessibility of Bitcoin investments or the abundance of user-friendly apps and platforms for handling digital assets? This article explores the key factors contributing to the growing interest in cryptocurrency in Australia.

The Rise of Cryptocurrency Popularity in Australia

The most recent Swyftx Australian digital assets survey reveals a continuous uptrend in cryptocurrency adoption in the country. Australia boasts the highest cryptocurrency adoption rate among developed nations, standing at 23%, ranking it 8th globally—surpassing the 16% in the USA and 12% in the UK, according to Statista.

Presently, approximately 4.5 million Australians own cryptocurrency, up from 4.2 million in 2022 and 3.4 million in 2021. Notably, female ownership of digital assets has increased from 11.9% to 16.1% over the past year.

Among millennials in Australia, there has been a significant surge in cryptocurrency interest, with adoption rates rising from 35.6% to 40.7%. Overall, 32.4% of Australians now possess or have possessed digital assets. Victoria has experienced a faster growth in ownership than other states, with over one in five Victorians (21%) now owning digital assets—an increase of 6% from the previous year.

Key Factors Fueling the Growth

The primary drivers behind Australians owning cryptocurrency, according to the 2023 Swyftx Australian digital assets survey, include:

  • Curiosity and Learning: Many Australians are drawn to cryptocurrencies for their novelty and excitement. Beyond financial gains, they are eager to delve into the technology, understanding aspects such as blockchain and the role of crypto in the broader financial landscape.
  • Pursuit of New Investments: The allure of potential returns drives the second significant reason for cryptocurrency ownership. Australians, captivated by the past successes of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, seek alternative avenues for growing their wealth beyond traditional options like shares or property.
Australia's growing interest in crypto
Ideal time to Invest in Cryptocurrency

While the desire for appreciating value and portfolio diversification also motivates crypto investments, the cryptocurrency market in Australia exhibits noteworthy trends. Australians are increasingly incorporating cryptocurrencies into both investment portfolios and everyday transactions, with an average of 15% of their money now invested in this asset class, as per the ASX study.

Australia's growing interest in crypto
Companies that accept Bitcoin as payment

Simultaneously, regulatory bodies are actively working to establish clear rules, safeguarding investors and promoting responsible innovation. Cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin and Ethereum, are gaining recognition as legitimate investment options, with some businesses accepting them as forms of payment.

This growing trend is anticipated to further enhance the integration and acceptance of digital currencies in daily life, supported by educational programs that enhance Australians’ understanding of the technology’s benefits and risks.
Government Stance and Regulations

As of October 2023, the state of cryptocurrency in Australia indicates a significant shift toward regulation and oversight. The Australian government plans to mandate cryptocurrency exchanges and digital asset platforms to obtain a financial services license, aiming to protect investors in case of business failure. This regulatory initiative seeks to create a safer and more controlled digital financial environment in Australia.

Australia's growing interest in crypto
Timeline of Cryptocurrency Law in Australia

The Future of Cryptocurrency in Australia

In conclusion, Australia’s escalating interest in cryptocurrency signifies a substantial shift in both public perception and governmental approach toward digital assets. The forthcoming regulations, scheduled for the next year, are expected to contribute to market stability by filtering out unreliable or unstable businesses, bolstering the reliability and strength of the cryptocurrency market.

Experts predict continued growth in the Australian cryptocurrency market, with an increasing number of Australians likely to participate. The allure of potential profits and the diversification of investment portfolios may drive heightened interest among both retail and institutional investors alike.


Ken Russell

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